1. The dolls of my original characters, (i.e. all dolls on the Dungeons and Dragons page, all dolls on the Star Wars OC page, all dolls on the Old page, all the art on the Isometric page and a number of dolls on the prep-sized page, (adoptable dolls on the prep page will be indicated) are not adoptable.

2. You may not edit, take parts of my dolls/pixel art and put them on your own website (Franken Dolling) or claim them as your own.

3. If you adopt any dolls, a link back to Dead Winter's Night is required. If you are unsure if you can adopt a doll or not, then please ask.

4. No direct/hot linking of images.

5. The animal pixel art are NOT PROPS! They are pixel art in their own right. This means that they cannot be used by others as additions to their pixel art. They are, however, adoptable apart from the one of my dog, Laddie.

6. My dolls and pixel art are not to be used to create signatures, avatars, etc. There are sites out there which provide doll and prop graphics that allow you to do this, so there is no need to use mine.

7. None of my dolls, pixel art or bases are to be used in dollmakers.