Contests and Pagents

I don't normally take part in these because I don't like the nastiness that such competitions can create among young/immature dollers, but if I do enter any, this is where I'll be putting the dolls.

The Doll Palace Mary Sue Contest 2012 (hand drawn dolls)

I entered this because I thought it would be fun, but sadly, issues in real life meant I had to cut my participation in it short and I only got around to making the doll for the next round, but didn't enter it. There was also a blurb about your character's back-story which was supposed to ooze the most vomit-inducing Sue-ness imaginable. I will post the blurb once I've found it.

The name, wait for it, of the character I made was Countess Jade Principessa Zara Sylvie Aurora Nova Moonbeam Starflare Dooku-Kenobi. I think from the name, you can guess who adopted her and who she

My first attempt, but I didn't think it oozed Sue-ness I made another, which I actually entered.

Base: Fainelloth Dolls

I decided that the eyes were too small (though I think that they could have been bigger and I wish I'd used an anime/manga base, now, instead, but as I am not a fan of anime/manga, it doesn't come naturally to me to choose an anime/manga base. I gave her a big lightsabre that is out of proportion to her body just to make it as gaudy as possible.

Base: LTnnOg Dolls

For round two, you had to do your Sue with her rival. I decided use poor old Sabe because there is fan fic out there where Obi-Wan Kenobi and Sabe are a couple. (In fact, there's entire fan sites dedicated to it, or at least, there were....). It would have been fun if I'd got around to the story for it, but sadly, due to DARTH REAL LIFE, (in capitals because it wasn't just usual stuff about being busy, etc....) I didn't and I didn't actually continue with it.

Base: LTnnOg Dolls