The pixel art shown on this page are NOT PROPS! They are pixel art in their own right and should not be used as props. However, all the art is adoptable, apart from the one of the Border Collie, which I made in memory of my old dog, Laddie who died in May 2008. The small Border Collie, Badger, Fox and Owl were made for a banner for the Quilting Bee. I decided that they deserved to be pixel art in their own right and because they were made for my Quilting Bee site, should not be adopted.

Not Adoptable
Name: Laddie
Base: My own

Not Adoptable
Animals for my Quilting Banner

Name: Look Out
Base: Cathie's Crazy Creations Rock: made by me.

Name: Autumn Fox Base & Props: Cathie's Crazy Creations

Base: Cathie's Crazy Creations

Please note: There is no link to Cathie's Crazy Creations because the site is no longer online. A shame, really, because her site was one of my favourites and most unique I've ever come across.