About My Pixel Art

I first started making pixel dolls when I wanted some artwork of my characters and didn't think it was right to keep pestering artists on SWAG. Apart from the fact that the subjects were unusual and hardly ever seen in dolls, these first attempts are now rather crude, but I still like them because they were and still are an original idea.

Most of my dolls are of my characters, some I have created in my Star Wars fanfiction, others are characters played by me in or inspired by the Wizards of the Coast Roleplaying Game, Dungeons and Dragons. The rest are either characters that have meant a lot to me in books and films that I have liked, or muses which have nothing to do with stories, games and films at all.

I also like pixeling animals and I would do more of these if I had a scanner to scan animal bodies I have drawn, but at the moment I do not have one.

I use microsoft paint and Ifran View for my pixel art and it can be tricky sometimes getting colours to blend together, but I think I have improved slightly over the years. I do not have fancy graphics programs on my computer because they are expensive to buy (I am not a professional graphic artist and cannot justify the cost) and they may not be as good as other dolls out there because of that.